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Recently I was lucky enough to be visited by Diane Eaglesome of Devonport Cupcakes with a selection of her latest offerings for my family to taste-test. Needless to say, we welcomed her with open arms and while the children went about the arduous task of trying the cakes and choosing their favourites, I asked Diane tell me about her business.

Diane’s interest in making and decorating cupcakes started about a year ago, but her love of baking goes all the way back to her childhood in England when she learned all the basics from her mother, whom she says, constantly produced cakes, pies and crumbles for the family. Diane herself has only recently become more comfortable about her passion for what she felt w as a ‘housewifely’ hobby.

She now feels that if you love something, then you just do it, regardless of the potential ‘nerdy’ factor, and has been happily turning out stunning cupcakes ever since. She particularly enjoys the creative process where the customer’s request becomes reality, and loves the idea of her work contributing to peoples’ enjoyment of life – she strongly believes in ‘slowing down and smelling the roses’. A Devonport resident for 10 years since immigrating with her Kiwi husband Michael, Diane is now passing on her skills to daughters Lucy (13) and Daisy (8)

Creativity and patience are essential in making her cakes, particularly for some of the more unusual requests. Her recent deigns include football shirts for an Arsenal-mad 11-year-old, a Pacific Island holiday scene featuring jandals, swimmers in a bright blue sea, and sunbathers on beach towels, and clouds, planes and suitcases for a young man off on his OE. In addition, Diane makes the more conventional flowers and butterflies and of course the traditional swirl of butter icing in a multitude of colours. She is currently making Halloween orders with ghosts, pumpkins, bloodshot eyes and aliens, as well as testing her new gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. She even makes a ‘light’ cupcake with kumara instead of oil or butter for the more health-conscious amongst us.  There are also plans for an expansion into wedding cakes which can be decorated to any colour scheme or theme and covered in ribbons, edible glitter hearts or stars – the possibilities are endless.

The children had, by this time, waded their way through the entire Halloween selection and came up with the following comments; ’yum, yum, 101% yum’ (Aja,), ‘Delicious and I loved the shape (Zoe, the ghost cake), ‘Really tasty’ I loved eating the eye!’ (Eleanor, bloodshot eye cake). In addition, we all tried the new mint icing and chocolate cupcake which Diane sees as a more ‘adult’ cake-to be served perhaps in a mini version as finger food. The kumara cake was sampled with some trepidation but was stunning – similar to a carrot cake but not heavy and absolutely delicious. Finally, the very tasty gluten-free vanilla and passionfruit was as light and moist as a convential cupcake and just as moreish.

By this point though, I really couldn’t eat any more, so sadly have to hand over the test tasting to the next customer. Anyone fancy a cupcake?

Devonport Cupcakes can be found on Facebook with photos, reviews, pricing and ordering information. You can also ring Diane on 445 2465 or email on


  1. Sam says:

    Awesome cakes Diane – beautifully decorated, wonderful taste and delivered on time with a wonderful smile! You’re a legend!

  2. Kate says:

    Would definitely recommend Devonport Cupcakes – especially the delicious gluten free options!

  3. Marylyn (Mum) says:

    A chip off the old block next step exporting

  4. Sally says:

    My daughter loved the rose cupcakes for her 11th birthday party – looked stunning and tasted divine.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I can recommend these cakes to anyone. Very professional and delicious. Well done Diane!

  6. Prue de bie says:

    Well done Diane, the cupcakes look absolutely delicious, great that you are also doing the larger ones too!I will let everyone at work know, Mrs Creative!!!

  7. Libby says:

    I also have tried many of Dianes AMAZING cupcakes. I don’t know how she comes up with all the wonderfully creative ideas. They taste as good as they look.

  8. Karin says:

    These cakes look fantastic and I like the idea of mini-cupcakes for fingerfood. Very trendy.

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