Cyclist Injured In Devonport Smash

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A cyclist was injured out side the Devonport Garden Centre this afternoon, after a car attempting to turn into the Garden Centre cut in front of the cyclist who was coming down Lake Rd.

The cyclist, an Asian man in his 30s, suffered what appeared to be a broken leg, and was attended to by an ambulance and police.

The driver of the car was a man in his 50s, accompanied by a girl in her late teens.


  1. Fiona Body says:

    I am sorry to hear of today’s cycle accident, and pleased to hear that there was no further damage or serious injury to the cyclist in question. However, I have to agree with the above comments made by Mr. Reynolds. The issues regarding cyclists, road safety, cycle lanes etc here in Devonport are non exhaustive, but as a community we have to make sure that there are no further casualties on our roads!

  2. JL says:

    Oh, I do wish comments on this issue wouldn’t always end up taking on the tone of ‘drivers bad/cyclists good!’ Such an antagonistic stance will not help us get to the real point, which is about keeping all of us safe.
    The inescapable reality is that riders are more vulnerable, less visible & sometimes just as thoughtless as others on the road….and will fare far worse in an accident.
    I agree that many drivers are careless, but so are some riders. The one area where we all should be equal is in following sensible, safe guidelines……..and both sides would benefit from a lot more education on that point.

  3. Robert says:

    If you’re on NZ roads and not contained in a box with at least 4 wheels, you simply only count as potential road kill. Car drivers here look straight through you, even on a large motor bike, as if you were not existent, or had the duty to accommodate cars from every direction as if they had in-built priority. This is reckles behaviour that you rarely see elsewhere, where cyclist enjoy respect and even are regarded as superior to those lazy slobs in their cars…Funny that NZ only 30 years ago had the lowest car density in the OECD, and now it seems as if no other form of transport had any justification to share the roads!

  4. Agree with JL. The ill-considered cycle lanes (placed on one of Auckland’s most crowded roads) will inevitably result in accidents. Yes, all road users need to take care and responsibility, but the cycle lanes have only added to the congestion and frustration of all vehicle users. Fortunately in this case no-one died but perhaps those responsible for the lanes will now reconsider them. Off road lanes (separate from vehicle traffic are the only answer.

  5. Ruth says:

    I was knocked off my bike by a car (church road) and it’s taken 9 months to repair damage – and huge costs to ACC as well.
    This story suggests that bike lanes alone are insufficient. We need to build a culture where cycling is acceptable and safe – and encouraged.

  6. Colin says:

    It is nice that you are concerned JL but your other comments are a bit off the mark.

    It is a straight piece of road. That there is a cycleway is irrelevant. The driver turned into a driveway without looking whether anything was coming. It could just as easily have been your/my daughter with her pram and children

    There is nothing else to say. It is about time we stopped making excuses for bad driving.

  7. JL says:

    It’s just awful that someone has been hurt…but I must comment that the atrocious & unsafe design of the cycleway along the Memorial drive area may have made accidents more likely.
    I can’t bear the thought of hurting a cyclist & am really careful, but modern bikes are fast & often aren’t easily spotted in dense traffic.
    When turning into the garden centre, I’ve often been shocked that riders swoop along at blurring speed, apparently without awareness that, just as any other vehicle, they’re in a traffic lane… I would add this comment to cyclists; ‘Please, please remember to exercise caution when approaching a driveway or left turn. We can’t hear you coming & we can’t always see you.

  8. sarah says:

    I saw the aftermath of this accident and am just so relieved no one was seriously hurt. PLEASE watch out for cyclists!There have been too many terrible accidents recently – we don’t want anymore deaths.

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