Congratulations To The Civic Award Winners

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Congratulations to those presented with civic awards this week!

One of the themes that emerged from the description of the background of many of the winners was the term “unofficial.” This word has considerable significance, because – despite its lack of gravitas – it describes someone who does not expect the “official” channels to provide them with a ready-made perfect community.

While the official structures provide us with some of the resources upon which the community is built, these people are those that imbue those resources with a sense of community, from which the rest of us extract the benefits. Those that conduct this kind of work – often unpaid and unknown in their roles – should be treasured by our community.

If you see them in the street, give them a pat on the back.

They are:

Barbara Cuthbert: for her contribution as advocate and advisor on community and environmental issues;

Roger Giles: for his work in the preservation of Mt Victoria and the Devonport Folk Music Club;

Rob Drent: for his support for local initiatives such as The Depot Artspace, The Devonport Community House and the Victoria Theatre Trust through  his work with The Flagstaff;

Gay Richards: for her work as Devonport’s community coordinator and Peninsula Trust member, and her commitment to environmental and transport issues;

Gay Richards receives her award

Gay Richards receives her award

Mike Pritchard: for his tireless work on renovating Fort Takapuna and the iconic Passchendale Exhibition;

Civic Awards Sept 2010 007 -cropped

Roger Giles receives his award

Frances Bell; for her involvement in a range of community organisations including NZ Federation of Graduate Women on the Shore, the Albany-based Ethics Committee of Massey University, and the Student Christian Movement.

For detailed profiles of each of these individuals, check out the latest Flagstaff.

Finally, we should also thank those who noticed the work these individuals were doing and took the time to nominate them for these awards.

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