Chris Darby Resists Closing Quarry Lake After Tragedy

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The dive spot at Quarry Lake, Takapuna

The diving off spot at Quarry Lake, Takapuna

Devonport Board representative Chris Darby has resisted a knee-jerk reaction to the recent death of a teenager at Quarry Lake in Takapuna, stating young people have been diving into the quarry lake for decades. While acknowledging the accident has had tragic ramifications, Darby does not want to see people banned from the area. “Just two days ago we had hundreds of young people jettisoning themselves off that cliff. They want to be challenged. They want this enjoyment. They want these thrills in life.”

Council officers are today assessing the restrictions in place at the dive spot near Shea Tce in Takapuna, he says.

While the Council are expected to recommend safety measures to prevent future deaths,  Darby wants to find a way to improve safety without closing the area off. “If we’re reactive and we put up fences everywhere in that area they would find a way around those fences. There is a huge demand to enjoy the water in this area. My response is to find how we can make it enjoyable and make it safe.”

Most young people jump into the lake from a spot five metres above the water, says Mr Darby.  But it was a fenced off 10m-high spot that Mr Aluala was jumping off before he went missing, he says.

He is calling people to stop jumping from that point until an investigation is carried out. “A young person lost his life jumping off that high point. Let’s call it quits for now.”

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