Brendan Adams At Art By The Sea: Leaves You Wanting More

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If you’re looking for some spectacular and unusual objete de art for your garden this summer, look no further than the Brendan Adams exhibition at Art By The Sea.

Brendan Adams is a name that has been around for some time, and was once best known for his colourful and quirky kitchen objects; mugs, salt and pepper shakers and clocks.  More recently Adams has chosen a different tack, with his work focusing more on objects for exterior display. This exhibition features eclectic bird feeders, bird baths, wall shields and other garden objects that would provide an ironic and abstract tone to your garden’s design.

Adams: “Gardens are our spaces in which we create our own idyll, to reflect and to be. In this show I have focused on making pieces that add to the garden or reflect on the idea of the garden. The bird feeders and baths are for the visitors. The wall pieces reflect on the elements that make up our personal landscapes; the sky, the land, and what lies between.”

Most of the works have Adams’ unmistakable style; a quirky humour encapsulated within the form and colour, combined with a mock-serious desire to emulate real world engineering and innovation in the design of everyday objects. Some are a little more sobre; the wall shields are more solemn, but hint at Adams’ use of abstract shapes to create life in the object.

Having seen a lot of Adams’ work in the past, I was left wanting to see a lot more of this new direction he has taken. Let’s hope Art By The Sea obliges soon.

Born in Auckland in 1961, Brendan has been making a living from clay since 1987.  With Kathryn his wife, he set up Out of the Blue, a shop in Kingsland, Auckland which they had for 10 years. Together they now run Brendan Adams Design from their home studio in Auckland.

Brendan has a diploma in Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic, where he majored in painting. Brendan’s domestic ware is well recognised for its pacific colours, its easy going kiwi attitude and inventiveness, he is also well known for his abstract and figurative sculpture.

His work has been exhibited throughout the country in major competitions and exhibitions where he has won several awards, and is represented in the Auckland Museum, James Wallace Trust and regional collections. Brendan has amassed a large following of clientele who appreciate his fine New Zealand ceramics and creative and unusual sculpture. More recently his contemporary sculpture has seen him combine other materials with the ceramics such as steel, brass, aluminium and wood.

Check out the  exhibition at Art By The Sea. Finishes in 3 days – on November 12th.

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