Big Thanks To Westpac For Supporting This Local Business

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Denise and her team at the local Westpac branch, in their snappy Speculator t shirts

Denise and her team at the local Westpac branch, in their snappy Speculator t shirts

One of the most endearing qualities one can find in a bank manager is their being prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

As The Speculator discovered, Denise Fletcher, local Devonport manager of Westpac most certainly has this quality, and, by the way, many others.

Denise is enthusiastic about and has embraced the sea change in Westpac’s approach to its customers. After many years of a policy of centralisation, Westpac has learnt the power of unlocking the customer relationship by reaching out to customers in their communities. Consequently, it has adopted an approach of up-skilling its local managers while divesting power from the centre, therefore allowing local branches more autonomy in their dealings with customers.

As a result, Denise has a lot more leeway in determining the nature of the relationship she has with her customers; and that includes everything from her having more control over the  flexibility in financial arrangements, to the local causes she chooses to support.

This kind of corporate strategy is all very well, but it needs the right kind of person at the branch manager level to pull it off. As both a business and personal customer of the bank, there is something reassuring about dealing with a bank manager who sees the full picture, while also having the financial nous to keep one’s feet on the ground.

Denise is certainly a refreshing change from the traditional image of a bank manager; you know, the one with a big sign that says “NO!” on their desk that lights up as soon as you open your mouth. Having spent some time outside of banking in the Navy, Denise has lived in the real world and knows what its like to have to manage the demands of job, family and finances.

One of the areas Denise is keen to get into is supporting local businesses. The Speculator was fortunate enough to benefit from this last week, when Denise and her team went yellow to promote the site. Those readers who ventured into Westpac last week would have been struck by the prevalence of things yellow in and around the customer service area, and the staff wearing Speculator T shirts.

There is no question the promotion had an impact on The Speculator’s business; this was witnessed both through our readership stats but also the number of people who mentioned they had seen the campaign.

Given the economic climate all businesses currently find themselves in, a helping hand from what has traditionally been that most unlikely of quarters – the bank manager – is a welcome sign.

The Speculator would like to extend a personal thanks to Denise and her team for their support last week; launching a new business is an extremely challenging process, and Westpac’s support has been greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: The Speculator is a customer of Westpac

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