Better Late Than Never? Better Here Than Wherever?

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A Devonport resident has his say on a recent development in Calliope Rd.

Do you remember the serious crash on Calliope Road outside the dairy on a Friday evening about a year ago?

It raised the issue of people travelling too fast along Calliope and the need to find some means to slow the traffic (lest there be a serious accident and children killed).

There was talk that the council would stick a zebra crossing outside the dairy so:

a)      The cars would slow down, and

b)      The people could cross the road to the dairy in safety

All perfectly rational we thought.

Now, I know that there are more important issues in the world to worry about – but it seems wrong that one person can prevent a much needed zebra crossing from being installed in the spot where it is most needed. I cannot imagine that people (and children in particular) will walk all the way up to Roslyn Tce in order to effect a safe crossing of Calliope Road and then walk all the way back to the dairy.

A party of cones, trapped on either side of the road, await construction to finish

The crossing, despite its unfinished state, is already proving a popular facility with Devonport's cone population

Well today I was walking home from the ferry to find that the section of Calliope Road near the top of Roslyn Tce is being ripped up to cater for the new zebra crossing. According to the chap who lives on the corner, the council came to him to ask for his consent to develop the zebra crossing outside his house. Apparently their preferred choice for the zebra crossing was near the dairy, but the chap who lives in the house up the road refused to give his consent so they had to move it down the road.

Any thoughts on this, or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?


  1. James says:

    Does this mean we’ll be getting a crossing across Huia as well? Otherwise there is no point in this crossing as, if you are walking into town in the morning (or to the dairy) then you still have to avoid the navy hoons as they rip down Calliope and shoot down Huia without slowing down.

  2. Hamish says:

    Fair points, Buffy.

    I certainly hope drivers notice the new crossing and do stop (I worry about those boy-racers though).

    I think what we really need to do is tackle the overall speeding issue on Calliope Road. There is currently nothing to deter speeders – it’s off the main path so cops aren’t a threat.

    The only options I can think of are:

    1. Install chicanes / speed bumps all along the road (aint gonna happen)

    2. Install a speed camera (wont be ‘profitable’ though).

    Anyone have any bright ideas? Or are we basically just stuck with Calliope Rd being a speedway?

  3. Buffy says:

    When I looked into this a few years ago the council told me that having a crossing at the dairy wouldn’t work for a number of reasons. The area around the dairy is really busy so drivers wouldn’t necessarily notice the crossing signs alongside all the other signs there. Also there is a bus stop opposite the dairy and the a crossing would take away the parking outside the shop which is important for their trade and convenient for the rest of us.

  4. Hamish says:

    Actually, I dont think it’s better than nothing. In the future (maybe when the opposers across from the dairy move out) and we ask for the badly needed crossing opposite the dairy you can bet we’ll be told “but you already have one down the road”. Let’s just see how many people continue to cross the road opposite the dairy vs at the new crossing…

  5. Chris says:

    A crossing (anywhere on Calliope) is better than no crossing, and the location chosen has a couple of benefits – it is directly opposite the Spring St steps, and it will make for a very welcome clear line-of-sight for those of us silly enough to try and turn right out of Roslyn Terrace.

  6. Tallulah & Daisy says:

    By the way Hamish for some of us on Calliope it is a VERY important Molehill.

  7. Tallulah & Daisy says:

    It seems to be a crossing in no mans land!!!!
    We live on Calliope Rd & the speed some people travel at is truly frightening;both locals & base folk.
    Your eyeline is naturally drawn to the vicinity of the dairy, so a crossing there is what most would expect & logical.Not halfway along the street hidden by parked cars & a Plain tree ( are we to lose that bit of greenery as well)?Would it not make sense to install a few more crossings ( and trees) along Calliope Road ie outside the dairy, up by the navel base & at the start of CalliopeRd ( by the old fire station).
    We appear to pride ourselves on what a great place Devonport is to walk around, lets make it a bit more pedestrian friendly.I must say it does not seem a very logical decision of our friend who objected to the dairy crossing. Maybe he would like to illuminate us on his reasons .

  8. Hamish says:

    I live on Calliope Road, in between the start and the dairy. This new crossing location will do nothing to stop the young naval rating crazy drivers from tearing along Calliope Road and down Huia Street – which is what I witness when i walk to the dairy. I would have thought the best place for the crossing would be directly outside the dairy. Which is where most people cross anyway.

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