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Sex In The Office! What A Laugh Eh?

It’s easy to think that there is little harm in the recent kerfuffle around the couple filmed having sex at the office and its subsequent explosion through social media to a worldwide audience. To think that would be utterly wrong.

Devonport Speculator Admits To Harbouring The NSA

In an extraordinary development this morning, The Devonport Speculator has admitted it is harbouring the NSA at its Auckland-based headquarters in Devonport.

Key-Stone Cops It In The Neck

In which The Devonport Speculator stares disbelievingly at the news, and attempts to negotiate the disease-infested swamp of our national politics.

Pond Scum Sound First Blast Against “The Monstrous Regiment of Women”

In a provocative statement released today, New Zealand's population of pond scum have united to signal their hatred of the female gender of the species Homo Sapiens.
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